We always work in collaboration with nature; that means we use natural processes as a foundation to kickstart our own material innovation.


Vivomer is our latest material offering: completely vegan, compostable mono-material, made with microorganisms that are often found in marine and soil environments.

Highly durable with a smooth finish, Vivomer is a great material for tubs and jars.

100% vegan
Home compostable
Free from microplastics
Mass manufacturable
Skincare compatible

New Materials
Coming soon
Q3 '24

New materials

Coming soon

Q3 '24

Vivomer production

It all starts in a cell. In nature, some microbes have the ability to build up granules.

We place these microbes in a fermentation unit to make the granules grow.

We then extract the granules and turn these into pellets.

We’re continuing to develop a library of materials that tackles sustainable design from a different angle, addressing the challenges of flexibility, pigmentation and hard-to-tackle components with mono-material solutions.